What people say about Dr. Eleazar M. Kadile in Green Bay


Dr. Kadile has built his career on providing individualized care with an uncommonly thorough integrative-medicine approach. Over the decades, Dr. Kadile’s commitment has led to fantastic, even dramatic changes in the health and lives of many satisfied patients. Read and watch their stories here.


Video Testimonials

“Dr. Kadile has a strong integrity and treats everyone with respect. You can tell that he loves what he does. He always does his best to make you feel at ease and comfortable, and he always asks permission before doing anything. I trust him with my life, without question. It was definitely worth it for me to drive two hours each way—sometimes weekly—to see him.”

Jean W.

“I’m so grateful I took a leap of faith and made an appointment with Dr. Kadile. I finally found a doctor who really listened to me and, much more importantly, listened to my symptoms and how I felt. From my first appointment, I sensed this was the doctor who wanted to resolve my health problems. I don’t know how he does it, but I leave each appointment with a sense of hope and accomplishment of what I’ve achieved. I know he cares about ME – he’s simply the BEST and I’ve never felt better!”

—Colleen H.

Robert Carroll


“In addition to getting my body back in balance and my life back, I got an education that will ensure my success is for life. I feel awesome these days. I know what to do from here.”

—Robert Carroll

Kari Kuglin


“My experience starting out was with a few personal questions, doing tests and getting results, a sincere matter of facts of my physical appearance and symptoms of health, I have gained a reassured trust in Dr. Kadile’s knowledge and research to move forward on my road to better health. Dr. Kadile became my saving grace.”

—Kari Kuglin

Linda Gildner


“I learned that the program was not a lifelong limitation; it was a lifestyle change that I could live with. I do not feel deprived of anything.”

—Linda Gildner

Karen Herlich


“What Dr. Kadile had to say made sense to me. I understood why diets didn’t—and couldn’t—work for me. I decided to get started with the KadileAtric Power Principle right away.”

—Karen Herlich

I was used to eating certain foods and it was hard to give them up, but that didn’t last long. The KadileAtric Power Principle really works to rid your body of cravings.”

—Marguerite Zaspel-VanArk

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