Dr. Kadile’s history of compassion and commitment.


After earning his bachelor’s degree at Saint Paul College in Dumaguete City in the Philippines, Eleazar Kadile went on to earn his doctor of medicine degree from Cebu Institute of Medicine in Cebu City. From there, Dr. Kadile came to the United States for his residency training and to practice medicine.

Initially, Dr. Kadile practiced medicine using the same mainstream methods and principles used throughout traditional western medicine. But when his son, Kristian, was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (lupus), Dr. Kadile’s eyes were opened. In his quest to help Kristian, he noticed that the traditional mainstream medicine approach wasn’t helping. In fact, it was making Kristian feel worse. Although Kristian didn’t survive, Dr. Kadile’s search led him to embrace alternative, complementary and holistic techniques and principles, which went on to help him save other members of his family.

Later, Dr. Kadile’s daughter was also diagnosed with lupus, and his father was recommended for leg amputation. In both instances, Dr. Kadile’s integration of holistic and alternative methods helped both loved ones. Today, Dr. Kadile’s daughter lives a healthy, normal life, and his father kept both legs and lived to be 100 years old.

Once Dr. Kadile had transitioned to the practice of integrative medicine, his approach became more individualized and oriented around not merely treatment but resolution of problems. This means getting to the bottom of what’s going on, finding the mechanisms that lead to the symptoms and often compound problems. With this focus, and by using methods that get results and even uncommon testing, Dr. Kadile transformed his practice.

In particular, Dr. Kadile recognized the central role that weight plays in overall health. Specifically, obesity is the common factor in 90 percent or more of all chronic nonsurgical illness, and being an effective physician—for Dr. Kadile—meant being effective at helping people end the cycle of weight gain, temporary weight loss, then even greater weight gain.

In response, Dr. Kadile spent decades developing a revolutionary program, the KadileAtric Power Principle, that helps people achieve dramatic weight loss—quickly and without hunger—and keep it off. Today, Dr. Kadile’s unique program and approach have helped hundreds of people drop significant weight and reclaim their health and their lives.

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