Get answers to common questions about Dr. Kadile in Green Bay.


Where does Dr. Kadile practice?

Dr. Kadile is the medical director of the Center for Integrative Medicine in Green Bay, WI. To reach Dr. Kadile, schedule an appointment, or find a map, visit his contact page.

How much experience does Dr. Kadile have?

Dr. Kadile has more than 30 years’ experience as a medical doctor. Of that experience, 25 years have been dedicated to practicing integrative medicine in order to provide solutions to underlying problems, achieve optimal results, and help people reclaim their health.

What is Dr. Kadile’s specialty?

By training, Dr. Kadile is a specialist in psychiatric medicine. By experience, however, Dr. Kadile is a problem-solver. Known by some as the “Dr. House of weight loss,” Dr. Kadile is known today as a leader in the practice of integrative medicine to restore people to their best health. Learn about Dr. Kadile’s training and credentials here.

What does it mean that Dr. Kadile practices “integrative medicine?”

Integrative medicine is medicine that integrates methods that work, including not just mainstream medical methods but also complementary and alternative techniques that get results. Dr. Kadile and his team at the Center for Integrative Medicine believe that your needs and interests are best served through integrating the best of traditional and complementary medicine.

Why does Dr. Kadile practice integrative medicine?

A practicing physician fighting to save his son’s life from lupus, Dr. Kadile found that mainstream medical approaches weren’t enough. Later, fighting to save his daughter from the same disease, Dr. Kadile successfully saved her life using the integrative approach. Integrative medicine also helped Dr. Kadile save his father, and then helped him be more effective in the care of his patients, resolving their problems and getting dramatic, positive results. Read more about Dr. Kadile’s story of commitment and change here.

Is Dr. Kadile only a weight loss doctor?

While weight loss is certainly one of Dr. Kadile’s primary focuses, it’s really a subset of his commitment to good health and to providing solutions for problems that have been hard to resolve. Weight gain, weight problems and obesity are involved in a huge percentage of chronic health problems, which means losing the excess weight can dramatically improve your health…and quality of life. But if you have chronic health problems, Dr. Kadile’s unique experience and approach can help you get answers—and solutions—you haven’t been getting from other doctors.

What is Dr. Kadile’s style of care?

Everything Dr. Kadile does is based on your unique needs and born of a sense of compassion and duty to doing what’s best and right. His style of care is warm, caring, respectful, honest, kind, focused, service-oriented and determined. At the same time, Dr. Kadile and his team are committed to excellence, from the level of service they provide to the effectiveness of the care they give you. And you can rely on his understanding, empathy and devotion to exceeding your expectations.

How is Dr. Kadile able to get such great results for his patients?

Simple: determination. By being dedicated—dogged—in his pursuit to help people who have systemic disease related to being overweight or obese, Dr. Kadile has developed and discovered methods that make serious differences in people’s health. He helps them achieve dramatic weight loss, surprising health improvements, and unexpected reduction in prescriptions…without hunger or surgery.


To get answers to other questions you may have, call 920-468-9442. You can also reach Dr. Kadile’s office or request an appointment using the easy online form.