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commitmentsCompassion for others is why Dr. Kadile pursued a career in medicine. Commitment is why he’s recognized as a highly effective physician who makes a considerable, palpable and positive difference in the lives of so many in and around Green Bay.

In fact, Dr. Kadile makes a number of commitments each and every day in his quest to make your life better. Specifically, Dr. Kadile’s commitments to you are that he will…

  • Be empathetic and understanding – As humans, we are each unique…and in need of emotional connection and understanding. For Dr. Kadile, taking care of others is about caring. You can trust Dr. Kadile to be compassionate, zealous about your best interests, and driven to understanding your illness, your life, your concerns and every other aspect of what makes you who you are.
  • Practice what he preaches – Dr. Kadile doesn’t merely inform and instruct. He himself subscribes to the proven principles behind his approach and lives by the logic he espouses.
  • Take a problem-solution approach to your health – You deserve the answers you’ve not been getting from other doctors. So Dr. Kadile is focused not on treating your problem but on identifying it, understanding it, and addressing its root cause so that it’s resolved.
  • Treat you with kindness, honesty and respect – It may sound simple, and it is. You deserve to be treated with compassion, dealt with honestly, and regarded with all due respect. And while these are simple truths, they’re not universally in their application by other doctors. With Dr. Kadile, you can expect the professionalism, care and attention you deserve.
  • Be worthy of your trust – Dr. Kadile believes it’s vitally important that he is as good as his word. He’s spent his career developing a system to make good on his promise of excellent results and good health. To earn your trust, as he’s done for hundreds of patients, Dr. Kadile works diligently and dedicatedly to see you through to your goals.
  • Go beyond the norm – It’s not enough to provide just the “standard” of care. Dr. Kadile is dedicated to providing good medicine, meaning that he integrates what works in the interests of achieving your goals and optimal health.
  • Strive to exceed your expectations – You set your goals, but Dr. Kadile sets out to exceed them. Mainly, it’s because he knows firsthand that dramatic change is not only possible but—with the plan that’s right for you—very probable! Of course, he knows that most of his patients get far better results from him than with other doctors or than they ever expected.

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